A Lot Of Passion
Musical delicacies - excellent ensemble   playing.

String trio with Susanna Gregorian in Dinkelsbühl.
Only a few violinists succeed in using their technical skills in a way that enables them to come as close as   possible to the composer’s work and original intentions. One of these few artists is the recipient of numerous international awards, Susanna Gregorian. Her name was already familiar to the audience in Dinkelsbühl from the concerts in the past. On Sunday morning the violinist performed exquisite chamber music along with Joachim Krist (viola) and Taras Zanchak (cello) in the concert hall of the Spitalhof.

Fränkische Landeszeitung, Ansbach, 19.11.04

On Memories, On Talent

Susanna Gregorian is a musician with a deep understanding and feeling for music. This helps her to avoid affectation, exaggeration, clichéd playing and produce rich and expressive sound using simple yet expressive methods.
Musicians learn all the secrets of the violin playing already at an early age. Thanks to an excellent education Susanna Gregorian has become a professional violinist with careful approach to playing technique - she has a splendid bow arm, plays with precision and delicacy, without using too much pressure, as one might say. All this has greatly influenced the artistic scope and to a certain extent the destiny of a musician Susanna Gregorian.

Moscow, Noev Kovcheg, March 2004



Zwetschke's Choice - An Absolute Winner

A brilliant and exceptionally creative violinist, accompanied by a pianist Oleg Polyansky, is full of temperament. Her performance is full of verve, yet she never forgets about the deep, rounded sound.
Susanna Gregorian, who originates from Armenia, studied in Moscow, Prague and Cologne. As the concertmaster with “The Philharmonia of the Nations” for eight years she had a strong influence on the profile of this international ensemble. She plays with confidence of an artist who has all the necessary qualifications

"Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung", Marl (lokal), 06 February 2002

A Magnificent Violin Concert
Susanna Gregorian and Oleg Polyansky convince the audience with a trilling programme in a Carl-Orff Concert Hall.

Töging. What a fascinating violin concert with two top representatives of the European soloists guard, what an excellent programme during the second performance of the Töging chamber concert series! Violinist Susanna Gregorian and her equally talented co-musician on the piano Oleg Polyansky, both prize-winners in several competitions, convinced the audience not only with their outstanding confidence as instrumentalists who greatly complement each other, but, above all, with unique musical intensity, rich and expressive sound, and amazing interpretations. In a positive way, the sound was very different from what we have heard before.

Passauer Neue Presse, 13.03.2001



"The Philharmonia of the Nations" in Moscow

Susanna Gregorian, a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory and the current concertmaster of the orchestra, performed as a soloist. The most striking features of the interpretation were a chamber sound, excellent intonation of the soloist, particularly in the slow movement, virtuosic and elegant cadenza as well as successful dramaturgy of the cycle. The climax of the piece was one of the episodes of the final rondo in “Turkish” style that was very popular in the 18th century.

Kultura, Moscow, April 1999

1000 Bravos

Special concerts of “The Philharmonia” with M. Rostropovich were a great success. Once again “two old acquaintances” Rostropovich (cello) and Susanna Gregorian (first violin), who have already met on tour in Germany, performed together and brought great pleasure to the audience.

Rondo-Magazine "The Philharmonia of the Nations", 1996



Orchestra of the Nations

More than 700 visitors came to this unique musical event in the Cathedral.
The main piece of the evening was a highly demanding Concerto for Violin and Orchestra D-Dur Op.35 by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Susanna Gregorian (27), concertmaster of “The Philharmonia of the Nations” from Yerevan, proved herself to be a brilliant soloist.
It was absolutely amazing how this modest and endearing young woman mastered a piece that was once thought to be unsuitable for performances due to its sophisticated technique. Her playing was characterized by quixotic lyrical passages, rousing vibrancy and effervescent joie de vivre. The captivating finale was rewarded with a long ovation.

Altmarkzeitung, 18.08.1995

Festival "The world and us"

It was very exciting to meet Leon Gregorian, conductor from the USA, and Susanna Gregorian, violinist and a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory (violin class of M. Glesarova). The National Symphony Orchestra, Leon Gregorian conducting, with Susanna Gregorian who played the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by Jean Sibelius, gave the audience the joy of meeting the real art. This was not the first time when Susanna met the Yerevan audience. Recently she played Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 2 in the same Concert Hall. Once again she has completely captured her audience’s attention. In a huge hall she seems to be alone with her violin and the music. She plays Sibelius as if only for herself, as if it was her music in her own unique style.

Golos Armenii, June 10, 1993